The SEO Company Limited offers SEO services for customers with existing websites and SEO services for customers who need a website. We do all of the SEO work inline with your business strategy aiming to generate sales leads and online conversions.

SEO Starter Package $750

Using your existing website design we develop a keyword strategy, implement meta and alt tags across your website, consult on SEO content development, develop an original written article, spin articles from seed articles, complete 50 manual and 250 automated article submissions, create 5 one-way backlinks, syndicate to multiply RSS feeds, web 2.0 posts, 10 link directory submissions, and more. This project is completed over a month. Speak to us today for more detail.

SEO Maintenance from $300 per month

To improve and maintain your websites search rankings across a range of keywords our maintenance packages start from as little as $300 per month. Our maintenance package includes 3 key components; on-page SEO, off-page SEO and SEO training for our customers to ensure all newly developed content is keyword optimised.

Where our SEO work begins:

Business Analysis: Our SEO services always begins with business analysis, by this we mean we look at your existing products and/or services, customers, sales channels, existing website (if you have one) and marketing communications etc... This may sound long but it's actually very quick. Our business analysis use a range of models to quickly gain an intimate understanding of your businesses. The outcome of this is a documented understanding of your business and customers providing critical insight for keyword strategy and other digital marketing planning.

Keyword Analysis & Strategy: Based on critical insight gained in the business analysis we work with clients to identify a list of 'keywords' or phrases that prospective customers are likely to query in search engines (aka 'Google') when looking for their products and services. In doing this we review each keyword, look at the number of times it's searched per month globally and locally, look at the results each keyword begins, the level of competition on the keyword and gauge the likelyhood of the keyword generating a sales lead or conversion. The outcome of all of this is a prioritised list of keywords to focus SEO work on (aka a keyword strategy). Of course some customers already have a list of keywords they want to focus on so we'll do just that.

Implementing SEO:

With a defined keyword strategy we go about implementing SEO in two way: On-page search engine optimisation and Off-page search engine optimisation.

On-page search engine optimisation refers to the work we do to your website. This includes optimisation of your code such as meta tags, alt tags, content/copy, development of content, restructuring etc... We do this totally transparently and can work with your IT, Web or Marketing team.

Off-page search engine optimisation refers to the work we do to grow your organisations presence online (but not on your website) and bring you website traffic. This includes registering your website with search engines and directories (including major gobal and local), submitting and spinning your articles, developing your presences across socil media such as Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram etc... (of course those relevant to your business) and loads more.

Unfortunately as the internet is a dynamic beast once your website is ranked number 1 for your desired keyword you won't stay there. Unless you maintain. Doing this requires a combination of on-page and off-page SEO. As part of our service we integrate best practice web analytics. This provides you an opportuntiy to truly optimise your online marketing strategy. For example we can review what keywords are generating your business the most sales leads and conversions then adjust your keyword strategy for best performance.

Reporting and Returning on Investment

One of the greatest advantages about online marketing (including SEO) is that you can accurately measure the return you're getting on your investment. Using our best practice analytics we offer to provide customers a monthly web traffic report. This can either be a simplistic report showing the basic or it can be detailed to break down your sales pipeline.

About SEO Company Limited Australia

SEOcompanylimited is a leading search engine marketing agency that helps businesses increase their website’s visibility on the internet. A Google AdWords qualified company - SEO include search engine optimisation (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, web analytics, online PR and social media marketing.

SEO Keywords: SEO Sydney is a leading Search Engine Optimisation, SEO Melbourne, SEO Brisbane and SEO firm focus on SEO optimization services in Sydney at an affordable SEO optimization rate. Respected experts in the online marketing industry, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) runs one of the world’s most influential SEO blogs, which offers practical advice and comments on industry trends. We offer conversion focused web design, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Adcenter, YSM and Google AdWords account management as well as Google Analytics consulting and training.

Key topics to improve your results from SEO

  • Techniques for advanced keyphrase analysis
  • Developing an integrated search engine marketing strategy across paid and natural search
  • Improve your page inclusion and reporting using Google Sitemaps
  • Detailed coverage of on-page optimization factors including document meta data, copywriting and code structure explaining the factors which really matter
  • How to increase your click-through rate in the search engine results page
  • 10 complementary SEO strategies for refining site architecture
  • A whole chapter on building links
  • 10 key factors to improve landing page effectiveness
  • 19 ways to audit your current performance

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